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Welcome to, this is an unofficial fansite for MythWar Online. I try to keep this site as up-to-date as possible, but because I quitted this game a while ago I hope everyone can help to report any outdated information.
I'm sorry for not answering mails and questions in the faq, my internet is currently not working. I hope to fix it as soon as possible.

Latest Updates

- Want to translate guides to your language? Contact Me
- Addresses for guides made easier, instead of guide.php?guide=something it is now guide:something
- Compare two pets and see the differences, Click here
- Skill calculator added, fill in your exp and you see how much you need for other colors, Click here
- Level exp list updated and error free, Click here
- Make your own Npc Message! Click here (fixed)
- Table with codes for symbols like ™ and more, click here
- Wallpaper page added! Click here!
- Shortcuts added to FAQ, click here
- List of MythWar related websites, you can add other sites if they aren't on the list, click here
- Time Calculator added, calculate all activity times to your own time!, click here
- Chat codes added to FAQ and tool to get #c color code added, click here

Suggestions? Contact Me

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