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Every Monday, Wednesday 7pm and Friday 3pm, the Crab Pit (Woodlingor) will be open. Player can enter it through the Crab Pit NPC to participate in the event.
Crabbing basically is to allow player earn redeem point in the fastest way possible. Redeem Point can be used to exchange for Experience, Gold or Ores
When you enter the Crab Pit you will notice alot of player crowding at the Crab Pit NPC. What they are doing is actually participating in the first part of the event - trying to get a turn to catch the crab

Roll the Dice 3 times. Each roll the highest you can get is 33 while lowest is 1. The player with the highest number for the turn will be given to chance to catch crab next turn. If you succeed to roll a higher number you will see the system announing it. (but you can be "outroll")
The duration for per turn is estimate about 1 min. Your turns starts when you see the system message eg. "Go catch the crabs in the Crab Pit! " Your turns end when you see the message being announce on the system too (if you are catching the crab).
So once you get a turn, what should you do now? Read on:

Run around Crab Pit to catch crab that has appear in the Crab Pit. When you see a crab simply click on it to catch it. Beware there are fake crab lying around to fool you.
Crab x 1
500 RP
The rewards for crab calculation goes like this. When you catch Crab x 1 you gain 500 Redeem Point and when u catch the second crab x 2 you get 500 + 1000 = 1500 Redeem Point and so on.
Crab x 2
1000 RP
Crab x 3
1500 RP
Crab x 4
2000 RP
Crab x 5
2500 RP
Crab x 6
3000 RP
Crab x 7
3500 RP
Crab x 8
4000 RP
Crab x 9
4500 RP
Crab x 10
5000 RP
Crab x 11
5500 RP
Crab x 12
6000 RP
Crab x 13
6500 RP