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Drowcrusher Quest

In game, Drowrusher main npc roles, is the final test given by the Instructor in Skill Center for those seeking to learn Skill III and Skill IV. Simply after you have talk your respective Instructor in Skill Center, Woodlingor, proceed to Demon Square Armory (227,432) and buy the quest item needed and proceed to Drowcrusher (Demon Square 126,676).

NOTE: You can fight drowcrusher daily 5 time per day. Just give the armour to drowcursher to start battle. But if you have done 5 you cant help those getting skill. Else joining party whose leader is getting skill the battle is not counted as 1.

Leader fights Drow for skills Received 300k Exp to pet and char. Received Skill III and IV
If the player is lvl 60 or higher, and the leader fights Drowcrusher for skills You get an additional Caring Feather
Player lvl 34 - 100 300k exp to both character and pet
Player lvl 101 or higher 60 Skill point to the lowest skill. Your pet will gain 300k exp if it is lvl 34 - 100

Race Quest Item Where to Get
Male Human
+5 Male Human Armour

Demon Square
Armory 227,432
Female Human
+5 Female Human Armor
Male Centaur
+5 Male Centaur Shoe
Female Centaur
+5 Female Centaur Armor
Male Mage
+5 Male Mage Armor
Female Mage
+5 Female Mage Helm
Male Borg
+5 Male Borg Weapon
Female Borg
+5 Female Borg Weapon

Start the Quest by giving
Drowcrusher the Quest item

Centaur Spirit: 44431 HP
Drowcrusher: 185641 HP
Cleaverkiller: 69267 HP

Centaur Spirits use Multishot I and II (4 targets) and Drain II (4 targets) (mistake in picture)

Centaur spirits do physical with base damage of 1.5K. Cleaver killers do physical with base damage 12K approx. Drowcrusher can also use Physical attack with base damage 22K which in conjunction with combo will deal maximum 33K base damage approx.