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Drow Lord

Finally reaching lvl 91, and looking around Mythwar you realise theres is only a few option left which still give considerable amount of experience. And the best option among them is fighting Drow Lord.

In short, Drow Lord works similarly compare to Drowcrusher quest. But theres is a twist, The monster are much more harder and more powerful. The "drow" family in this quest are highly resistent to skills. Meaning getting killed is just a mouse click away... Also there is no limit to how many you can fight per day.

Player Level
90 - 109
400k++ Exp and a chance to get G9 Random Gem.
Pets gets 400k exp if its lvl is from 90 - 110
Player Level 110 and higher
Receive 30 skill point to lowest skill and around 50k exp
Pet will get 300k exp if its lvl is 90 - 110 (leader lvl more then 110)
Pet will get 400k exp if its lvl is 90 - 110 (leader lvl from 90 - 109)

Race Quest Item Where to Get
Male Human
+5 Male Human Weapon

Demon Square
Armory 227,432
Female Human
+5 Female Human Weapon
Male Centaur
+5 Male Centaur Weapon
Female Centaur
+5 Female Centaur Weapon
Male Mage
+5 Male Mage Weapon
Female Mage
+5 Female Mage Weapon
Male Borg
+5 Male Borg Weapon
Female Borg
+5 Female Borg Weapon

Start the Battle by giving
Drow Lord the Quest item.  

Father Drow: 3008448 HP
Winter Chill: 508448 HP
Black Dragon: 3008448 HP
Wild Lizard: 508448 HP
Jungle Lizard: 508448 HP
Swamp Lizard: 3008448 HP