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Task & Type
Defeat Firelord / Treasuer Quest
You are to seek out Firelord in Ashes pit 3. There is a total of 4 battle
1st Battle ~ Sword Demon: Lvl 8 - 10 Weapon (Random Race)
2nd Battle ~ Man Eater: Lvl 8 - 10 Armor (Random Race)
3rd Battle ~ Blue Lich: Lvl 8 - 10 Helm (Random Race)
4th Battle ~ Fire Demon Lord: Lvl 8 - 10 Shoe (Random Race)
Ashes Pit 3 (see map below)
Activate from
Fire Defender NPC (Blyton 37,93)
Fire Defender, Sword Demon, Man Eater (Ogre), Blue Lich and Fire Demon Lord (Fire Giant)
Recommeded Party
2 Mage, 1 Borg, 1 Cent & 1 Human

You start off the quest by speaking to Fire Defender NPC. After receiving the quest, go to Ashes Pit 3. You are to seek out the following Monster NPC in the following order, Sword Demon, Man Eater, Blue Lich, Fire Demon Lord. The intersting part about this quest is that once you start to battle one of the monster, the 4 monster will switch their position on the map thus tear is firmly recommended. Defeat the monster earns every member in the party a type of equipment.

Blue Dots Signify the spawn point of the monster location

The NPC's Info (Thanks to HalfAngel)
Round 1
Sword Demon - Ghost Warrior (5)
Minions: Zombie Ė Mummy (5)

Sword Demon can cast Fraility II (3 targets) and use physical with 11K base damage approx.
Zombie can do Poison III and physical with a good 7X combo around 9K initial base damage approx.
Monsters are weak against magic and poison.
Human can cast hypnotize and let the mages do their job. Not sure if monsters are chaos-able.
Sword Demon
Round 2
Man Eater - Dark Giant (5) strangely named Ogre.
Minions: Ogrewalker (5)

Dark Giants use Physical attack 11k damage approx.
Ogrewalker can cast Protect and have a good 11k counter attack approx and are poison resist.
Monsters are strong against magic, physical attacks. Ogrewalkers have chaos resistance.
Human can use hypnotize to reduce damage. Borgs with their drain will make this round easier.
Man Eater
Round 3
Blue Lich - Tree Demon (5)
Minions: Ice Lion - Aurora Lion (5)

Tree Demons can cast fire II, Ice II and Death II (All spells affect 5 targets. Death counter is 9 rounds).
Ice Lions use physical attack.
Monsters are strong against magic.
Humans cast chaos and let them fight among themselves. Also magic reflect does 18K damage to the Blue Lich.
Blue Lich
Round 4
Fire Demon - Eyekicker (3)
Minions: Blue Lizard - Felsworn (7)

Fire Demon casts spells Fire II and Fire IV (11K + damage) and physical attack of 1.5 Million base damage approx.
Blue Lizard do like 14K base physical attacks with 7X combo. Blue Lizard even has a magical attack that does 11K damage.
Donít try to use Physical on Fire Demon. It counters with like 1.5 Million attacks and is suicidal. Have a human cast stun and Pick out the remaining lizards 1 by 1. When you are done with the lizards, cast hypnotize and pick out the Eyekickers 1 by 1. Human is a must for those with parties of level 70ís and weak skills. Also magic reflect does 18K damage to the Fire Demon. Strangely Physical reflect didnít do any damage to Fire Demon. Expect a few pets to die. The last round gives experience for level 91+ players (45K exp).
Fire Demon Lord