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The Jackpot of Mythwar Online is avilable every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday 10am - 12am. You have to buy a ticket which is similar to a scratch ticket and 'open' it to find out the grade of prize you have won.
Grade 3 - 50k Mystical Fruits, Apple Salad, Graded Banana, 100 gold, legendary Stardust
Grade 2 - G4 Gem and 100k Mystical Fruits,
Grade 1- 1.3 GR Pet, 600k Mystical Fruit, Big Color pots, G8 Gem
Simply Proceed to Blyton and buy a ticket from the Awader NPC 51 661. Each ticket cost you 500 gold. Next select it in your inventory and click USE. Click Yes to start 'opening, your card. And lastly click on the message box and Continue to reveal all 5 emotion (the emotion is used to gauage whether you won anything). If there is 3 matching emotion you win G3 Flurry prize, 4 mathing emotion G2 Flurry prize and lastly G1 flurry Prize if all 5 emotion is the same.

Buy from Awarder for 500 Gold
If you have won a winning ticket give it back to Awarder to claim your prize