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Guild Quest

1. Defeat Devilman in Demon Square. Find Devilman in Demon Square (364,253) and defeat him. Recommended to do with party.

2. Play a game with Devilman in Demon Square (364,253). Just click either Left or right Hand. Guess correctly 3 times and you're settled. If u get it wrong a few times it doesn't matter. (solo)

3. Weapon/Armor order list. With the list in ur inventory, go and speak to the Weaponry/Armory NPC in blython first. If he doesn't offer you half price for his items, go to another city. Note that the NPC doesn't have to explicitly state that it would be half-price. Also be careful to read whether it is weapon or armor order list. Players often get confused and go to the wrong shops. Give the list in your inventory to the NPC which offers u any discount at all.

4. Clean up HQ- use broom in ur inventory to clean up any spot in the hq. If it has been cleaned before, simply move to another spot and use it again. Do it repeatedly until it says stop.

5. Item searching. Here is a list of items you may have to search and where to get them:
Any Groceror
- Devil's Tear
- Rose
- Crystal Ball
Woodlingor Groceror
- Teleport Scroll (the green leaf)
Woodlingor Herbal Shop
- Apple
- Banana
- Lychee
- Pear
Blython Herbal Shop
- Graded Apple
- Graded Banana
- Graded Lychee
- Graded Pear
Demon Square Herbal Shop
- Red Salad
- Wild Lychee
Desert City Herbal Shop
- Banana Sushi
- Wild Pear
Tour Agent (Outcast City 135,410 is the easiest)
- Small Red Potion
- Small Blue Potion

6. Mystery Quest. These are a series of monsters you have to kill, all usually start with the name Death blah. All are found on the left side of the Woodlingor Map. Although the last one is found near revive. Consult your Quest log by pressing Alt-Q to find out the exact Coordinates. The experience is good for its level of difficulty. A party of 4-5 members should suffice.

1. Each quest accomplished gives 1-2 Guild experience points as well as reputation points. Guild experience points are required to level up your guild.
2. Experience for player and pet (higher player lvl is more experience, every guild quest round the experience increases)
3. Reputation points (1 or 2 each completed round)
4. After completing all rounds you have a chance to start Mystery Quest

Guild level 1 -   50 members limit - requires 0k guild exp
Guild level 2 - 100 members limit - requires 20k Guild exp
Guild level 3 - 150 members limit - requires 40k Guild exp
Guild level 4 - 200 members limit - requires 80k Guild exp
Guild level 5 - 250 members limit - requires 160k guild exp