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In meteorology, a tropical cyclone (or tropical storm, typhoon, or hurricane, depending on strength and location) is a type of low-pressure system which generally forms in the tropics. While they can be highly destructive, tropical cyclones are an important part of the atmospheric circulation system, which moves heat from the equatorial region toward the higher latitudes.

Hurricane has appear!!! From time to time the system message will alert us of the respawn of the hurricane. So what actually is it? Hurricane mobs or ???
Hurricane, in fact as many of you has guess, are fighting quest. You search for them and engage them hoping to leave the battle victorious. But the difference between hurricane and other many monster fighitng quest ex.drowcrusher, this time round you will be facing human mobs which can be heal if they are dead!!!

Rewards: Random Gems, AODs (rare) and Experience.

Hurricane Locations

Hurricane 1
Tree of Life 2
Grade 2 gems
Hurricane 2
Grade 3 gems
Hurricane 3
Grade 4 gems
Hurricane 4
Sunset Plains
Grade 5 gems
Hurricane 5
Devil's Gate
Grade 6 gems
Windfury Warrior
Chance of AoD
Hurricane 6
Outcast City
Grade 7 gems
Chance of AoD
Hurricane 7
Grade 8 gems
Chance of AoD
Hurricane 8
Cursed Abyss
Grade 9 gems
Chance of AoD
Hurricane 9
Bone Desert
Grade 10 gems
Chance of AoD
Hurricane 10
Flame Ruins
Grade 11 gems
Windslayer Warrior
Chance of AoD
Hurricane 11
Ashes Pit 3
Grade 11 gems
Chance of AoD
Hurricane 12
Demon Lair 4
Grade 11 gems
Chance of AoD
Hurricane 13
Evil Lair 4
Grade 11 gems
Chance of AoD
Hurricane 14
Burial 3
Grade 11 gems
Lord of the Winds
Chance of AoD

Added information
1. Hurricanes spawn at exact timing. Within this timing and the next, if someone whack say hurricane 1 and win, hurricane 1 will disappear till the next spawn time just like spirits.

2. You have to start from H1, then H2, then H3 ...etc... no skipping of any. But if you had defeat them before you may skip ex:You Won H10 before, thus you can redo any of the hurricane from 1 - 10.

3. H1 to H4 is basically "weak" (for decent party, not asking u to solo at lvl 10). H5 onwards have 10 mobs each, where u start to see freaks like 3 drainers in 1 team, heal iv that heals 266k to each target, and superb human almost immune to chaos etc.

4. Hurricane mobs are not normal mobs that die and vanish. They are like normal characters, when they die, they leave a cross tomb, and if the healer in hurricane party cast heal, these mobs are back alive and kicking.

5. Only party leader gets the title for defeating H5, H10 and H14. But they do not get gems.

6. Gem drop randomly, anyone(not everyone) in party may get. Unlike spirits where if there is an egg drop, the whole party get the egg.