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Reborning pet

How to REBORN pet

1.Make sure your pet and yurself make the requirements stated in the table below.
2.Go to Woodlingor 235,79 and make your way to Trading area and look for the npc, Translar.
3.Talk to Translar and select Reborn Pet. You need to make the requirement stated else your request will be rejected.
4.It cost 100 reputation point and 2m gold per reborn.
5.Congrats! Your pet is reborn. Happy lvling.


Reputation Point Deducted
Intimacy Required
Lvl of Pet required
Requirement for player
1st time
need to be reborn once
2nd time
need to reborn 2nd time
3rd time
need to reborn 3rd time

What is being Retain after pet reborn

- The Name of the pet remains the same
- The Loyalty, the intimacy and the resistance remains
- The initial resistance.
- The Pet Class (flying, dragon ...etc...)

The Changes after pet reborn

- The Pet drops back to lvl 1
- The color of the pet name will change as follow: 1st reborn orange, 2nd reborn pink and 3rd reborn light blue
- The Growth Rate of the pet increases by 0.1
- 1st reborn pet gain 40 stats point at lvl 1 as a reward, 2nd reborn gain 80 stats point at lvl 1 as a reward, 3rd reborn can gain 120 stats point at lvl 1 as a reward.
- After EVERY reborn a pet can uses an additional 2 crystal to increase resistance.

Note: If you use a SOD (Stone of Dreams) on a reborn pet, it will reset to NOT reborn lvl 1. With a SOM (Stone of Moon) it will stay reborn (but GR will be effected).