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~ adopted from Cybourg (Achernar) reborn guide

Talk to him to reborn your pet
Reborn Stat
Talk to him to check what additional resist you will received after you reborn
Elder of Faith
Talk to him to start Reborn Quest
Reborn Guardian
Talk to him to receive blessing after a player has reborn

Reborning Information and Requirement
- Char Level 100 - 104
- Minimum 1000 point to all Skills
- 200 Reputation points
- Complete all 5 Soulstone quest
- Complete Reborn quest
- A lvl 100 Pets

Benefit of being a Reborn
- Skills - Max level increase by 1. Level 11 for all skills at the skill exp of 14802
- Inventory - Additional of 24 inventory slot (Click the I and II to switch)
- Stats points - You start off with 140 stats point at lvl 14. Every level after lvl 100 (before reborn) will enttitle you to 8 more additional points per lvl.
- Item Level Requirement - All level requirement on Equipment will be ignored.
- Image - A whole new look
- Race - You can rechoose your race / gender
- Pets - You can reborn your pet
- Resistance/Passive - Gained additional resistance and bonus

Chaos - Gives Chaos resistance
Frailty - Gives Frailty resistance
Hypnotize - Gives Hypnotize resistance
Stun - Gives Stun resistance
Poison - Gives Poison resistance

Purge Chaos - Gives Chaos resistance
Multishot / Blizzard - Strength Growth Rate increase
Speed - Agility Growth Rate increase
Unstun - Gives Stun resistance
Heal - Health Point growth rate increase

Fire - Gives Fire resistance
Ice - Gives Ice resistance
Evil - Gives Evil resistance
Flash - Gives Flash resistance
Death - Gives Ddeath resistance

Enhance - Strength growth rate increase
Protect - Intellect growth rate increase
Reflect - Adds Berserk
Repel - Add Critical
Drain - Add Pierce

Things that will Remain After you Reborn
- Gold
- Item in inventory and Bank
- Pets
- Friend list
- Guild contribution points
- War experience, PK level, reputation points
- Guild titles, Forging Tittle, PK Tittle

Things that will "disappear" after you reborn
- Skill points
- Titles
- Experience : You will be reset to lvl 15

Max Skill Reborn Bonus:
Cent : Targets have -5% resist to blizzard and multishot
Mage : Target have -5% resist to mage skills
Human : Target have -2% resist to human skills
Borg : Bonus to Berserk, Pierce and Critical which is at 15 rate / 5 damage each.