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Task & Type
Sealed Quest / Battle Quest
You are to buy a scroll which will unlock monster at specific location and by winning them you will gain experience or skill point as reward.
1st Battle - 250 000 exp
2nd Battle - 300 000 exp
3rd Battle - 350 000 exp
4th Battle - 400 000 exp
5th Battle - 450 000 exp
6th Battle - 500 000 exp
7th Battle - 550 000 exp
8th Battle - 600 000 exp
9th Battle - 650 000 exp
10th Battle - 700 000 exp
Blyton, Sunset Plain, Outcast City, Badlands, Bone Desert, Cursed Abyss, Flame Ruins, Burial 1, Wasteland 1, Wasteland 2
Activate from
Blyton Bar - Enderolth
Recommeded Party
3 Mage, 1 Borg, 1 Cent

HP: 22k-26k
Uses: Flash IV
Strong against: Chaos, Drain
HP: 73k
Uses: Protect IV, Heal II, Enhance IV
Strong against: Chaos, Poison
Black Fighter
HP: 23k
Uses: Melee Attack
Strong against: Chaos
HP: 65k~ Varies
Uses: Chaos I, Poison IV
Seal quest is meant for player to level from lvl 70 to lvl 91 at the shortest time possible. It basically a 10 round battle which yields a total experience of 4 750 000. Player start off by looking for Enderolth at Blyton Bar and buy a scroll from the npc. Click Use to check out the location of the monster or check your quest log (Alt-Q). Next procced to the location with your party and select the scroll and click use again to start the battle.
Buy the Seal Scroll from Enderolth