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~ guide by Gholayat (Achernar)
Start: At any spirit in evil lair or demon lair
Level: Will be advised per spirit, advised level will be based to solo!
Description: If you want to give your pet resistance you will need crystals, these can be obtained by killing spirits, also pet eggs can be obtained with killing spirits. Remember that it is only a change you get them, not a guarantee! See the spirit guide for more info on egg drop and crystal drop. Spirits spawn every hour.
-Lair 1: Level advised is 20 for the spirits. These spirits use lots of combo, but donít actually damage a lot. The can use a weak fire skill as well. They have huge -phys resist! Has 218782 HP

-Lair 2: Level advised is 30. These spirits donít use melee a lot, but they can use Fire with about 500 to 1400 damage and they can cast chaos, they have about 50% melee resist. Best thing just to hit them with mage skills or crit. They have 50255 HP
-Lair 3: Level advised is 50. These spirits are the hardest of all. They can use hypno, ice (3k dmg) and melee (800 to 3k dmg), they donít realy have any good or noticeable resist and have 210983 HP.
-Lair 4: Level advised is 30, BUT you need to be level 90+ to walk in lair 4 with tears. These spirits are pretty useless as spirits. There are 2 different spirits, the ones that look like Felsworns (40255hp) can do melee with 4K damage and Ice IV.
And there are spirits that look like Ogrewalker (50255hp), these also do melee with around 4K damage and they can cast Multishot II

Blue = Pet shop: Evil Lair

Blue = Pet shop: Demon Lair

Demon Square: Evil Lair Desert City: Demon Lair

Evil Lair 1 Demon Lair 1
Flyer, Skeletal Bee, Tree Demon

Evil Lair 2 Demon Lair 2
Crazy Bandit, Guard Werewolf, Nepenthes

Evil Lair 3 Demon Lair 3
Scarecrow Mudraper

Evil Lair 4 Demon Lair 4
Lizard Miner, Withered Guard, Desert Bandit