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Woodlingor Defender

~ thanks to Gholayat (Achernar)
Required Level
Activate from
Defender (Outside Woodlingor Elders Zone)
Quest Reward
Exp (lvl 50-60), skill exp (lvl 60+), exist scroll

Discription: When you talk to Defender, he will ask you if you want to help defend woodlingor by killing evil demons witch have been disguised as merchants. The total quest exist of 10 rounds, each with increased reward.

Monster Action Hp
Bebilith Frailty 17200 HP
Otyugh Ice 57587 HP
Cave GostHeal and Fire 27931 HP
Yuan-ti Good Physical 10697 HP

Round 1 100K Exp
Round 2 120K Exp
Round 3 140K Exp
Round 4 160K Exp
Round 5 180K Exp
Round 6 200K Exp
Round 7 220K Exp
Round 8 240K Exp
Round 9 260K Exp
Round 10280K Exp
Every whole set (afther round 10) 1 person in the party gets an exist scroll witch will give double reward.

Monster info: Otyugh and Yuan-ti are nearly chaos imune, so hypno is prefered. Yuan-ti are extreemly fast.
Tip: Use more chars for more change of winning that scroll. Be atleast mokka max, and your party too! Do read carefully what shops are mentiont.

Red: Shops that might be asked.
Yellow: Start
Green: This is also a Groceror!