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Worn Deity

Thanks to Nobletech, Original topic
Battle Quest
There are 5 monsters to fight, every fight gives exp
Exp, fruits, gems, skill books
Desert City, Outcast City
Activate from
Worn Messenger (Desert City 387,379)
Worn Messenger, Prince Zenith, Borg Giant, Dark Knight, Worn general, Princess Agony

Prince Zenith

Skill: Fire/Ice
Skill: Fire/Ice
Personal Note
This one is not really hard you can do it without any special armour, best to stun them and kill one by one. Drain and melee hits them good so thatís shouldnít be problem. Mage gets heavy dmg from melee attacks. (Of course if you want this to be faster and easier you should have Equipment with some ice and fire ress. 50 of each one and this will be piece of cake)

Borg Giant

Skill: none, melee only
Other Notes: Strong vs Melee / Weak vs Magic and hits 100-200k dmg but sometimes can hit even more
Skill: Repel/Melee
Other Notes: Weak vs Fire
Personal Note
This one could be problem. All of them totally resistant to melee, so no use, minions casts repel, so mages should be kamikazes to attack them, borg hits with 160k physical and minions capable to hit with 28k dmg (physical). Drain, magic (fire does very good dmg to front row) and poison have no obstacle to kill them. Cast repel if you want but if borg stands last and repel on, that who will get hit, will get and free tele too. You can make it without special eq, but i suggest at least 70+ melee resistance armour set, or high dodge set...

Dark Knight

Male Human
Skill: Chaos IV
Other Notes: Weak vs Melee and can counter with 6k dmg
7 Felsworms
Skill: Chaos II
2 Snake demons
Skills: none, uses melee
Other Notes: Weak vs Melee and can hit 1500 physical
Personal Note
We fought long with this one, because all party was chaosed. Mobs werent a problem, but i and my GW were...this one can be soloed by str borg (not need to be full or half str, at least should hit 10k on capilla), i mean soloed without pet. Mob: 2 monsters attacks with 1500 dmg (on chars hits lower because they have better armor than pets), 7 monsters are very fast and casts chaos II all the time and knight casts chaos IV . Sometimes they can cast stun II but very rarely. If party gonna kill this one and has str borg, make sure that borg has really good chaos ress. All skills does good dmg on them.

Worn general

Male Centaur
Skill: Drain IV
Other Note: Weak vs Melee, imune to chaos
9 Aurora lions
Skill: Hypnotise
Other Note: Weak vs Melee and they can hit with 20k dmg
Personal Note
All skill works on them, chaos lions and they will kill each other, melee works greatly (cent cant be chaosed). Good anti hypno set would be great if you donít want to sleep during the fight.

Princess Agony

Female Human
Skill: Frailty IV
Other Note: Strong vs Chaos/Stun/Hypno
7 Skeletals:
Skill: Melee (about 70k dmg)
Other Note: Weak vs Stun/Hypno
2 Glimmer Fish:
Skill: Heal I (heals back 70k to skeles)
Other Note: Weak vs Stun/Hypno
Personal Note
This one is hardest (my opinion), they stopped our victories ( free tele for everyone), but at least we killed that girl . Mob: princess (uses frailty IV and that was really effective, she cant be chaosed, stunned or hypnotised, at least all others spells works good), skeletals (can be stuned or hypnotised, not sure about chaos...All other spells works good. They hit with 60-70k physical) and 2 glimmer fishes (use heal I but thatís add back to skele 70k hp. Fishes can be stuned, not sure about chaos). Stun as many skeles as you can and keep stunned, then kill princess and fishes and then somehow skeles.


  First Boss Second Boss Third Boss Fourth Boss Fifth Boss
Round 1 120000 exp 130000 exp 140000 exp 150000 exp 160000 exp
Round 2 180000 exp 190000 exp 200000 exp 210000 exp 220000 exp
Round 3 240000 exp 250000 exp 260000 exp 270000 exp 280000 exp
Round 4 300000 exp 310000 exp 320000 exp 330000 exp 340000 exp
Round 5 360000 exp 370000 exp 380000 exp 390000 exp 400000 exp

Drop Rate Reward
30% 600k exp fruit
30% A level/10-1 grade gem
20% Skill Book that increases all skills by 10
10% 1.5 million exp fruit
10% A level/10+1 grade gem