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RankFrom lvlTill lvl
Lance Corporal4059
Staff Sergeant100104
Second Lieutenant1-141-39
Lieutenant Colonel2-402-79
Brigadier General2-1203-39
Major General3-403-79
Lieutenant General3-803-119
Field Marshal3-140>

Rank Colors

Rank ColorTotal Skill Exp
Red20 000
Orange40 000
Yellow67 200
Green107 200
Light Blue161 600
Dark Blue236 832
Purple334 720

Name Colors

Times RebornName Color
Not RebornGreen
1st RebornOrange
2nd RebornPink
3rd RebornLight Blue

Skill Exp

Skill LvlRequired Exp
Level 10
Level 260
Level 3130
Level 4312
Level 5690
Level 61 372
Level 72 490
Level 84 200
Level 96 682
Level 1010 140
Level 11 (After Reborn)14 802
Level 12 (After 2nd Reborn)20 920
Level 13 (After 3rd Reborn)37 520

Click here for the list of exp needed for each lvl

Chat Codes

Chat codeEffect  Chat codeEffect  Chat codeEffect
#rRed #c+hex codeCustom color, click here :wWorld Chat
#pPurple #sFlash :eMarket Chat
#gGreen #uUnderline :gGuild Chat
#kBlack #eNext Line :pPM Chat
#bBlue #m text #mCenter :tParty Chat
#wWhite #nEnds previous codes :sLocal Chat

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there exact area's on the map to get the needed ssp?
No, every area on the map has the same chance of dropping a shape shift potion.

Are there ways to get mail points without paying real money?
Sometimes with forum events you can win some, but apart from that you can only get them with real money.

Can I add gems in aod?
No it's not possible to imbue gems in aod's.

Can I imbue Gems and Essences in 1 item at the same time?
Normally not, but when you added an essence already, you can use a guild function (talk with npc Caladur) to imbue grade 5 or lower gems in it.

Does +30 essence or any essence effect with lvl so more higher the more u get from ess?
Character level doesn't matter, essences will give the same to a lower level character as to a higher level character.

Does pets get more resist when it gains more lvls?
No, but at higher level you are able to add more crystals for resist

How can enter Lost Space?
After picking up a treasure box there is a low chance to get teleported to Lost Space.

How can I believe a rumor?
This depends on how the spreader chooses the spread them. Messengers (talk with one of the messenger npcs in woodlingor), Strayers (errand npc's like Porter, Warrior Lisa etc.), or Merchents (npc's like Buyers, Grocerors, Banks, etc.). Talk with one of the npc's and choose to believe the rumour.

How can i know what max gr a pet has to become shiny?
On this page you can see the max gr of pets, when the gr is this or higher it will shine, and sometimes when it's 0.001 below this.

How can I make # or @ signs on chat?
for # you have to typ it 2 times (so ## for #), the @ is just working fine in chat

How can I use gems to gain skill exp?
Talk with Secretary in Guild Hq, +1 gem = 1 skill exp, +2 gem = 2 skill exp, +3 gem = 4 skill exp, +4 gem = 8 skill exp, +5 gem = 16 skill exp. It also costs 1 service rate each gem.

How can you get stardust and perfect stardust? How many times can we use it? Or will it disappear after combining gems?
You can get stardust from Lottery and Guild Wars, and you can get perfect stardust from item mall. You can only use it one time.

How do I expand my guild and get the ability to promote more people to a position? For example: two commanders.
It is not possible to have more commanders, the promotions that are possible to do can be done at the Secretary npc in Guild Hq.

How do I get contribution points?
You can get these from the Help Newbie quest, talk with any Help Newbie NPC to start the quest.

How do I get redeem points?
You can get redeem points from Errand Quests, Crab Pit or from Fog Cave

How do i make a T look like a cross? People tell me alt+01414 but it does not work for me.
Try alt+134 or alt+0134, for more of these things, click here

How do I make my words light blue?
Use #c00FFFF before the text, click here to see more possible colors

How do u get service points in a guild?
You will recieve 1 service point every full hour you are online.

How do you block players in chat?
Click their name with right mousebutton to chat-target them, then click the 3rd button above the bar, where you typ text, to block them: You have to relog before you can't see his messages anymore.

How do you hide your name in chat to make it look like someone else is talking?
The combination #m#e#m will cause the line befor that to move to right, if you start with #m#e#m, and repeat it some times (#m#e#m#e#m etc.) your name will move to right, out of sight.

How do you reset your pets stat points?
Give a Stone of Moon to Gado (Blython 286,434).

How does that mercenary work?
You can hire a mercenary, he will get exp and items for you, for a guide about mercenary's, click here

How many contribution pionts for an Aurora Lion?
An Aurora Lion costs 100 000 CP.

How many times can I use the Skill Book obtained with CP?
There is no limit for how many times you can use it, but Skill Book only gives skill exp to a skill till it's at 4200 exp.

How much contribution points can we get for 1 caring feather?
A caring feather gives you 150 CP.

How much skill points does an full spam round gives?
A full spam round gives 150 skill exp.

How to auto mokka farm?
It is not allowed to do things as automatically walking and/or getting things (e.g. mokka's).

How to catch a pet?
There is no such thing as pet catching (Thought there will be in MythWar II). You can get pets by buying from other players, killing magical spirits or doing thief quest.

How to change chat window background?
Dubble-click in it (left-mouse-button)

How to get item mall points?
You can buy them for real money, click here

How to join a guild?
Talk with Guild Admin in Blython City Hall

How to leave Box Space?
Talk to the Box Spirit npc, if you win something she will let you out.

How to leave the mine?
Talk with Mine Manager and choose "I am leaving"

How to make a screenshot?
You make a screenshot by pressing the "Prt Scr" button, which is often next to the F12, and above the Insert buttons on your keyboard. The screenshot automatically gets saved in your mythwar-folder, or you can paste the screenshot you just made in paint.

How to reborn the 2nd time and 3rd time?
These are not implented yet, so it's currently not possible to reborn a 2nd and 3rd time.

How to reborn the 2nd time?
Second reborn is not implented yet, but will be implented in the future

How to remove a character?
Talk with Grimreaper NPC in Sky Passage

How to use the "caring feather" item?
Go to Kind Official (Blython 123,267), give her the caring feather. Now go to Sentinel npc in Blython Church, talk with him and choose 'Exchange caring feather', now they are exchanged for contribution points.

How to write in big words?
You can use ~z+ to make the letters bigger, repeat the code to make it more bigger

I can't talk on world chat and I haven't been muted, what can I do to fix this?
If you are over level 50 it costs 50 mana to talk in world, else you can't say something. If this is not the problem there might be something wrong with the connection and you should try to relog.

I heard about jackpot cheat code. Does it exist?
No, there are no cheats in this game, (thank god), so just learn to play fair and work for your things.

I heard howling beast can only be bought at item mall, but i can't seem to find it anyways!
The only way you can get it in mall is by being lucky and win it with Fortune Bombing, you cannot buy them with mall points.

I keep seeing something about players can have 14 hours of double exp a week. How do you get it?
Go to Blython Church and talk with Master Dom to activate dubble exp.

I want to vendor/or buy, how can i check prizes?
If you are buying, click the item the item and it shows you the prize, when you are the vendorer you can enter for how you sell it, if you want to check it, use another char to check prize, or ask a friend to check it

If i make guild and someone joins.How can I rank the player?
You can talk with Secretary in Guild HQ to promote or demote members.

If I use reborn shapeshifting pot and I am reborn already, what will happen?
If you use the shapeshifting potion you change into that form, if you already have that form nothing will change.

If my pet have dragon eye on it, if I use SoD can I use the dragon eye again?
Yes after you reset your pet with a stone of dreams or stone moon you can add 1 dragon eye and 4 dragon bones again.

Is every event repeated every year with the same prizes?
No, events like x-mas or easter event will of course come back, but they're not always the same ans the rewards can change.

Is it possible to make text in chat scroll?
No, the only things you can do with text are showed above.

Is there a limit to amount of pets you can hold per level?
You can maximum hold 20 pets, the level of the character doesn't matter

Is there a way to find players ID numbers by only knowing their nick/screen name?
Yes, you can use the search for that (capital sensitive and player must be online), and if you see them talking in world you can get the ID by right-mouse-button clicking them. If this doesn't work you can ask if someone else knows it, or if he's in your guild, check the guild members list.

Is there away that you can change your pets name back to the original name?
No (unless there are no spaces in the name), the only way to do so is resetting it with a Stone of Dreams or Stone of Moon.

What are contribution points good for? Why is it good for me, to have a lot of these points?
You can redeem contribution points for items (fruits, skill books, pots, equipments) and pets (Aurora Lion, Thorned Spider, Hell Gardener). Talk with Sentinel NPC in Blython Church to see how many points these things cost.

What are PK points for?
Currently PK points only chance ur PK title.

What are redeem points?
You can redeem these points for gold, exp or ores, talk with Redeem Sweward (Woodlingor 490,215)

What are the chests that apear in battle?
These chests randomly appear in battles, they can give you a box, fruit or gold

What are the diety pets?
Flying Horror, Berserker, Chaos Wisp and Dark Dream, click here to see them.

What can we get by defeating Wolf Pack or Arachnida? And what lvl is advisable to challlenge these monsters?
You get gold and exp (exp not for all lvls), and there is a chance to get higher reagents. For Wolf Pack I think a party of lvl 60 is fine, for Arachnida I suggest lvl 70+ or 80+.

What does Death skill do?
When you use Death there will be a count-down above their head, when this counter reaches 0, the character/pet will die instantly.

What does it mean if a pet shines?
Then the pet is max gr, or 0.001 below max gr

What does pierce damage do?
Pierce decreases enemy's physical resistance.

What happens if you complete the Woodlingor or Blython defender quests at a level lower than the required one?
If you are lower then the required level you are not able to start the quest, if you somehow do the quest anyway (joining, de-lvling) you won't get any rewards.

What is a phantasm for?
Phantasm is needed for Soulstone of Fire quest, you will only need 1 and it isn't worth much

What is communicator needed for mercenaries? Where do I get it?
You can get it from the Item Mall, you don't need it to use mercenaries but it improves the exp you get from it.

What is Fog cave?
After a normal fight with monsters there is a random chance you go to Fog Cave. To leave Fog Cave you can pick up boxes (which give 10 redeem points each box) then you will go back to where you came from. You also can talk with the exit npc, who will bring you back to Woodlingor.

What is Lost Space?
After a fight with normal monsters (not quest monsters) there is a random chance to go to Lost Space. If you are there you have to gamble to get out again.

What is PKing? And what are the advantages and disadvantedges?
PK stands for Playing Killing or People Killing. To use it you need to drink Devil's Blood and have your Allow Challenge off in Settings, the person you wants to PK mustn't be in a town. After the PK the loser will lose exp and teleport to Woodlingor spawn point. You will lose PK points which may change your PK title.

what is that title name above the player name ? And how do i get new titles ?
Players may have different titles, they can choose which one to appear above their name in player profile (alt+w). Things that will give/update a title are collecting all Dragon Balls, Soulstone Quest, getting II or III/IV skills, hurricane quest, PK-ing, New Horizon quest, Forging and being in a guild.

what´s the gr of a char? and How caculate status each level up?
Im not sure if there is a way to calculate it, but you can Click here to see more information about character growth rate.

When can you become lvl 1-130?
Lvl 1-130 is not possible, currently lvl 1-124 is the maximum, in the future after lvl 1-124 you will be able to reborn second time to lvl 2-30.

When does double exp restart?
Double exp restarts in the beginning of the week. (0:00 server time on monday)

When it is estimated that the second and third reborn get released?
The date for those are unknown yet, the 2nd reborn is also not released yet in the chinese MW 2, so it will take a while before it gets released here.

Where can I get essences?
You can make essences by giving an armor (sta), helm (int), weapon (str) or shoe (agi) to Enchanter in Desert City (121,329).

Where can these saint pets be obtained?
You can win then with Fortune Bombing, and sometimes there are (forum-) events where you can get them.

Where to get +12 Gems?
The only way to get +12 gems is from events once in a while.

Why does "Awaiting battle" appear on my screen?
This means that the fight takes longer then usually, but it doesn't do any bad

Why doesn't my pet listen?
This means its loyalty is below 60, it will go back to 100 if it lvls up or if you use loyalty stone (get from Groceror)

Why in MW we cant use the space button? we have to use this _
Some 'letters' just can't be used in names, the space is one of these.

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Alt+-Emoticon Window
Alt+EnterFull Screen On/Off
Alt+F4Exit Screen
PrtScSaves Screenshot

Outside Battle

Alt+bGuild Window
Alt+dWorld Map
Alt+pPet Window
Alt+qQuest Log
Alt+wPlayer Profile
F2Hide chars, names, or both

In Battle

Alt+aPlayer Attack
Alt+dPlayer Dodge
Alt+ePlayer Defend
Alt+gSwitch Pet
Alt+qAuto Attack
Alt+wPlayer Skill
Alt+zPlayer Bag
Alt+1Player Shortcutted Skill
Ctrl+aPet Attack
Ctrl+dPet Dodge
Ctrl+ePet Defend
Ctrl+wPet Skill
Ctrl+zPet Bag
Ctrl+1Pet Shortcutted Skill

Gold Limit

LvlMax Gold
1 - 1630 000 000
1731 400 000
1835 000 000
1938 800 000
2042 800 000
2147 000 000
2251 400 000
2356 000 000
2460 800 000
2565 800 000
2671 000 000
2776 400 000
2882 000 000
2987 800 000
3093 800 000
31100 000 000
32106 400 000
33113 000 000
34119 800 000
35126 800 000
36134 000 000
37141 400 000
38149 000 000
39156 800 000
40164 800 000
41173 000 000
42181 400 000
43190 000 000
44198 800 000
45207 800 000
46217 000 000
47226 400 000
48236 000 000
49245 800 000
50255 800 000
51266 000 000
52276 400 000
53287 000 000
54297 800 000
55308 800 000
56320 000 000
57331 400 000
58343 000 000
59354 800 000
60366 800 000
61379 000 000
62391 400 000
63404 000 000
64416 800 000
65429 800 000
66443 000 000
67456 400 000
68470 000 000
69483 800 000
70497 800 000
71512 000 000
72526 400 000
73541 000 000
74555 800 000
75570 800 000
76586 000 000
77601 400 000
78617 000 000
79632 800 000
80648 800 000
81665 000 000
82681 400 000
83698 000 000
84714 800 000
85731 800 000
86749 000 000
87766 400 000
88784 000 000
89801 800 000
90819 800 000
91838 000 000
92856 400 000
93875 000 000
94893 800 000
95912 800 000
96932 000 000
97951 400 000
98971 000 000
99990 800 000
100 - 1041 010 800 000
1-14 - 1-1242 010 800 000