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The Origin of the Flame Phoenix


At the origin, the surreal dimension was empty and extremely chaotic. Spirits and evil creatures wandered around. In order to maintain the integrity and balance of the dimension, the Great One combined all the chaotic power together to make the Holy Flame, and raised a mighty mountain namely Chaosaint Volcano to seal the Holy Flame. However, the power of Holy Flame went beyond the expectation of the Great One. The flaming blaze and ardor fulgurite released from the Chaosaint Volcano turned the South of the world into a deserted place. What’s worse, the strong magical chaotic power attracted more and more demons go through the Dark Gate, with the intention to possess it. Therefore, the Great One created the Saint Beast---Flame Phoenix by the combination of fire and the fruit of Tree of Life, and bestowed the power of controlling flame upon it, empowered it to control the Holy Flame.

The aloof, proud but smart Flame phoenix had a pair of red wing, and not only held the ability to control the flame but also possessed the high agility like a flash of lightening. It absorbed all the Holy Flame burst out from ChaoSaint Volcano into its wing and turned it to be "Fire Wing". When it flew in the sky, it just liked a falling star.

In the Ranking War, the God of Hell appointed his Immoral Legion to attack the Tree of Life. When they were about to arrive, Flame Phoenix threw them into chaos and resulted in the cannibalism and debacle of the Immoral Legion.

Flame Phoenix Stats