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The Origin of the Glitter Tiger

Glitter Tiger was the Saint Beast who was entrusted to safeguard the west, where was a broad snowfield with pure white and piercingly cold wind all the year round. Rare creature can survive here and the gate to the World of Dark---the Gate of Dark was also in this snowfield. For the sake of preventing the fiendish creatures from the World of Dark to aggress the Nonarcid of Land, the Great One set a barrier here. However some lesser demons still went through the crevice to arrive at the Nonarcid of Land. In order to seal the Gate of Dark thoroughly the Great One created the Saint Beast--Glitter Tiger by the combination of fruit of the Tree of Life, snow and air, bestowed the power of controlling wind upon it. Glitter Tiger, who inherited the Great One’s iron-will and mighty strength, had a pair of giant ice wing and snow-white glimmer all over the body.

The Immoral Legion fell across the Glitter Tiger in the battle and was horrified by the mighty power of the Glitter Tiger that they never experienced.

Glitter Tiger Stats