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The Origin of the Ocean Loong


The Great One creates a broad and charming ocean in the East of the world, namely Endless Ocean and blessed it with vitality by the branches and leaves of Tree of Life. Various fishes, birds and other creatures were born here, and human beings were led to here afterward. Human beings studied the techniques of fishing and shipbuilding from the Great One, regaled the fertile material here and led a harmonious and peaceful life from generation to generation until the coming of a group of Water Wisp.

In order to occupy the Endless Ocean, the Water Wisp evoked tsunami and storm by magical power to destroy the fishers and houses, and forbade human beings closing to the Endless Ocean.

The Great One would never tolerate the contra natural strength destroy the intrinsic balance, so he created the Saint Beast—Ocean Loong and bestowed a portion of his power of controlling the water upon it, empowered it to safeguard the East. The Ocean Loong inherited the Great One’s intelligence and beneficent heart. It expelled the evil Water Elements and healed the wounded creatures by its great Mana. Under its refuge, the Endless Ocean returns to calm.

Ocean Loong’s ability to heal was the key to victory in the Ranking War. His strong Mana power became an exhaustless fountain of life. Ocean Loong resisted the aggression from Immoral Legion with slightly casualty. However, to Immoral Legion, the attack from holy strength was deathful. It was a fatal shock to the God of Hell and also the milestone of the Ranking War.

Ocean Loong Stats