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The Origin of the Saint Beast


In ancient time, the Great One created the world, which consisted of three dimensions: the outermost dimension--World of Gods; the middle dimension-- Balanced Living World; and the innermost dimension—World of Dark.

He let his body as well as his spirits split up to spawn six main gods: the God of Power, the God of Justice, the God of Fire, the God of Evil, the God of Intelligence, and the God of Darkness.

In the eyes of the living creatures, their world seems to be complicated but yet in order. However, the World of Gods as peaceful as one may think it should be full of crisis.

The God of evil who was spawned by the Great One's evil wills, neither could get rid of the evil consciousness nor could bear the restrictions of the balanced power distribution, He is willing to challenge the utmost ranking gods...

However he knew, to a God, selfishness is sometimes the root of the independent evil will. Thus, he chose to strive together with The God of Hell. It is beyond his expectation that desire to Gods, once spawned, it will spread out of control. So The God of Hell accepted his invitation, but departed the agreement of mutual benefit. The God of Hell was the first one who is along with his magical beasts launched the Ranking War.

The whole dimension trembled during this unprecedented war. All the living creatures sensed forebodings of frightening natural disasters: tsunamis, earthquakes, tornados, and hurricanes. They prayed, confessed and asked the Gods: What had we done wrong?

The five magical beasts controlled by God of Hell have the cursed strong battle effectiveness, and even other Gods’ strength cannot vie with. Other Gods are despaired, powerless to stop these evil and cruel creations destroying life and devouring the energies of the living universe. However, at the moment, five righteous Saint Beasts’ appearances revived their confidence to defeat the God of Hell. They realize that they will be strong enough to defeat the God of Hell with the assistance of the four Saint Beasts.

The Great One created the four Saint Beasts: Flame Phoenix, Stone Tortoise, Ocean Loong, and Glitter Tiger. The Great One bestowed a portion of his power of controlling the fire upon Flame Phoenix, empowered Flame Phoenix to guard and police the South of the world. Flame Phoenix holds the highest agility and the power to control blazing flame. In the battle, Flame Phoenix will throw target into chaos and made them lose mana. The Great one favored a portion of his power to Stone Tortoise. Later, Stone Tortoise has the power to control the earth and change himself to a giant stone. He holds the highest Stamina and has the ability to avoid being put into chaos and stunned. He was entrusted the responsibility to safeguard living creatures in the North. Then, the Great One blessed Ocean Loong with a portion of power of controlling the water phenomenon of the nature. Ocean Loong also inherits the Great One’s knowledge and intelligence, holds the highest Mana power to heal and recover others. His Mana power is like a fountain of life, which will never be exhausted. He was known as the guard of the East. At last, the Great One bestowed some of his vast power upon Glitter Tiger. Glitter Tiger known afterwards as the guard of the west and was given the tough battle effectiveness and volition. With the highest strength, the attack from Glitter Tiger was like a sword stab into the heart of the enemy. Thus empowered, the four Saint Beast were charged with the world’s defense and carried the responsibility to keep the balance of the world in the Great One’s absence. The four Saint Beasts make a pledge to the Great One that they will safeguard the world and never absent their positions.

However, after the great calamity, the four righteous Saint Beasts who carry the responsibility to maintain the world’s peace will never tolerate the creatures to live in such a pain and the rule established by the Great One be mocked by the evil. Therefore the four Saint Beasts gathered and decided to assist other Gods and struggled to find a way to end the God of Hell' s constant threat. A horrible war took place, a war filled with blood and fire, a war between evil and justice.

In the furious Ranking War, the God of Hell was attacked unprepared by Flame Phoenix due to her high agility. Stone Tortoise strike up a solid barrier with his own giant body and ironbound loricace to resist the aggression from God of Hell. Meanwhile, Ocean Loong heals and recovers his teammates with his great mana, which is an exhaustless fountain of life. At last, Glitter Tiger give the God of Hell a deadly blow with his highest strength. After many defeats, he retreated deep into the inner dimension, there he hid inside the Tree of Life. The Go d of Hell had to face the cruelest punishment-- tortured both physically and spiritually endlessly by binding the ice and fire chain?

The evil at last couldn’t prevail over the righteous spirits in the Ranking War. However the four Saint Beasts also exhausted their vigor. In order to protect the weak Saint Beast from being attacked by evil the gods sealed each Saint Beast in a rigid egg, which no weapon could destroy, and expecting for their revival after thousands of years’ sleep.

Several generations past… The world changes fast and with lots of uncertainties. In the dimensions, nothing could ever escape from the universal law of returning. The Gods couldn’t bear the mental temptation, started the biggest war ever - the War of Gods. After becoming mad, they no longer had consciousness of the rules of the dimensions ... Vengeances, curses led to their extermination. The war of Gods broke out.

Wars, cruelties, killings, contests, desire and magic... All these describe this dimension and indicate the time for the revival of the four righteous Saint Beasts. All warriors, armed up, unseal the Saint Beast Eggs with your courage and intelligence and save the world…

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