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The Origin of the Stone Tortoise


A grandiose mountain ranged in the North of the world. The Massif Giant had ever safeguard here by the nomination of the Great One. However, the Massif Giant fell into corruption by the temptation from World of Dark. In order to possess the Dark Power, the Massif Giant betrayed himself to the demon. He derived his power from other creatureís soul, the creatures that lost soul was turned into stone. Hence, the ever-beautiful holy place was petrified to a deathly place.

The Great One tired to persuade him to resume his nature and sever off the temptation from the Dark Power, however, the strong desire for the Dark Power consumed the last vestiges of Massif Giantís valiant spirit. When all the effort came to naught, the Great One decided to create another eudemon to keep the order. Therefore, the Great One created the Saint BeastóStone tortoise by the combination of rock and the fruit of Tree of Life, and bestowed the power of depuration and controlling rocks upon it, empowered it resume the rules and order in the North. Stone Tortoise finally overwhelmed the Massif Giant and revived the stunned creatures with his depuration ability.

In the Ranking War, Stone Tortoise saved the creatures again with his petrosal body. When the God of Hellís Immoral Legion arrived at the Sky Passage, Stone Tortoise built up a firm stronghold to resist their aggression with its giant body and ironbound loricae. The Immoral Legion withdrew with no avail.

Stone Tortoise Stats